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    Toilet Op Maat (TOM)
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    Toilet Op Maat (TOM)
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    Toilet Op Maat (TOM)
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    Toilet Op Maat (TOM)
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    Toilet Op Maat (TOM)
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    Toilet Op Maat (TOM)
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    Uspa Hygea the smart toilet evolution
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10 December 2021

Recall Uspa U-type toilet seat (december 2021)

Uspa U-type toilet seat: what's the problem?
It turns out that there is a problem with the temperature sensor in the U-type toilet seat (seat heating). If the seat heating is set, the seat may become too warm for use. That’s why a recall is taking place.

Which serial numbers are affected by the recall?
The recall applies to the Uspa U-type toilet seat with serial numbers starting with DC2101EU, DC2105EU, DC2106EU and DC2107EU. The serial number is located on the back of the device.

Do you have a Uspa U-type toilet seat that is subject to this recall?
Then pay attention to the following:

  • If you notice that your seat is (too) warm, please contact us immediately by phone on 085-1301959. We will help you to switch off the seat heating. You can continue to use the shower function and drying function of your toilet seat. These ones work properly.
  • The seat heating is off by default. If your seat does not get warm, you do not need to change the settings. You can continue to use the shower function and drying function of your toilet seat. These ones work properly.

What does Toilet Op Maat do to help customers?
We will inform the customers about the recall. As soon as we have received new toilet seats, we will replace the current U-type toilet seats at the relevant customers under warranty.

How can you contact Toilet Op Maat about this recall?
We can be reached by phone on 085-1301959 or send an email to info@toiletopmaat.nl.
We are happy to help you!

Closomat TOM Zorgtoilet Toilet Op Maat BEL GERUST 085-1301959

31 March 2020

The 'Supportbeurs' 2020 has been moved from May to October 21 to 24, 2020. The Jaarbeurs location in Utrecht will remain unchanged. If you want more information or want to order more information or tickets, press the button below.   


Closomat TOM Zorgtoilet Toilet Op Maat BEL GERUST 085-1301959


25 November 2019

Maybe you have already seen them? Our new company cars! Clearly recognizable who we are and what we do. We the new cars we are set for the future.

Toilet Op Maat voor service en storingen aan alle merken spoel/fohn douchewc Scherpe PrijzenToilet Op Maat voor onderhoud en storing aan spoel/fohn douchewc en closomat kundig personeel snel en scherpe prijzen

Toilet Op Maat TOM 085-1301959 voor storingen aan alle spoel/fohn douchWC Carebidet Geberit Circumani Uspa BioBidet Brondell WCvamat Blooming reparatie tegen een scherpe prijs

20 November 2019

Rinsing your buttock with water and drying it with blow dryer? It sounds a bit strange, but many elderly people already use a care toilet at home. 'To see whether this smart solution can also be a solution within our locations, Toilet Op Maat (TOM) installed the Closomat+ in the rehabilitation department at Wiekendael yesterday,' says Kjeld Klaver. 'In this way, elderly people who needed help with a toilet visit not only regain their own control, but also a bit of privacy. We are curious how our clients experience this new toilet. '

Toilet Op Maat hoog laag toilet douchewc wclift

14 September 2019

Wat attended the annual muscle disease congress 2019 organised by the dutch organisation Spierziekten Nederland

Stand Spierziektecongres 2019 Toilet Op Maat toiletoplossingen voor mensen met bv een spierziekte

Toilet Op Maat toiletoplossingen voor mensen met een beperking .. een toiletlift .. een spoeltoilet .. advies passing lage prijs spoel fohn zelfstandig naar het toilet schone billen

22 Aapril 2019

Just a fancy picture of the TOM Closomat+ with typical dutch tulip fields in de background.

Toilet Op Maat douchewc voor zwaar gebruik Zorgtoilet TOM

Toilet Op Maat

29 March 2019

billen schoonmaken met water Toilet Op Maat

Toilet Op Maat spoel föhn douchewc

18 March 2019

As of today, TOM has Zorgmail

To protect the personal data of our clients during communication as well as possible, TOM uses Zorgmail.

Zorgmail Toilet Op Maat TOM

Toilet Op Maat Closomat TOM

23 January 2019

As of 1 January 2019, the personal contribution for help and support under the Social Support Act (Wmo) has changed. Everyone pays a maximum of EUR 17,50 per 4 weeks. This is the subscription rate.

Toilet Op Maat (TOM) Dé Closomat-experts

19 November 2018

Today is World Toilet Day. This day there is worldwide attention for good sanitation. More than half of the world's inhabitants have no or a malfunctioning toilet facility.

Wereld Toilet Dag 2018 TOM Toilet Op Maat

TOM washair Toiletlift Zorgtoilet douchefohn toiletdouche douchewc spoelfohn bidet bidetdouche bidetwc

2 October 2018

Posted on Linkedin - 95 years old and struggling to operate the shower toilet. At TOM, we simply apply a one-button control that we mount on the toilet support. We program the shower toilet completely in so that it does its job with 1 push of the button. 

TOM CareBidet+ spoel fohn met één druk op de knop te bedienen Toilet Op Maat (TOM)

Toilet met sproeier bij Toilet Op Maat (TOM)

15 September 2018

Today Toilet Op Maat (TOM) is present at the information market of the Muscle Disease Congress in Veldhoven. The Muscle Disease Congress is organized by Spierziekten Nederland and the Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds. It's a nice ending after the collection week for the Prins Beatrix Spierfonds. Solutions such as the TOM CareBidet+, the toilet lift, the Closomat+ and the high / low lift can be seen working.

Toilet Op Maat (TOM) Closomat+ Toiletlift CareBidet+

tussen logo Toilet Op Maat (TOM) toiletlift

1 September 2018

Toilet Op Maat (TOM) is present at the information market of the Muscle Disease Congress 2018 on September 15 in Veldhoven.

Spierziekte Toilet Op Maat TOM spoel/föhn

27 July 2018

Join the action of the Stomach, Liver and Bowel Foundation and report it Tofste Toilet van NEDERLAND!

Toilet Op Maat Zorgtoilet

24 June 2018

Today Toilet Op Maat (TOM) is present at World ALS Day. On this day we introduce our “ALS concept toilet solutions”. The aim of this concept is to be able to respond quickly to changing situations with a rental concept.

If you are interested, please contact us.

TOM Toilet Op Maat introduceert het ALS concept toiletoplossingen op de ALS dag 2018

logo Toilet Op Maat sta-op spoel/fohn closomat

6 June 2018

spoel/fohn aangepast toilet Geberella Toilet Op Maat TOM




KLIK HIER   An article about the history of the shower toilet written by Geberit.




Toilet Op Maat

30 May 2018

Toilet Op Maat is present at the Supportbeurs in Utrecht. It is the congress for people with a disability and support professionals. At our stand you will see an obesity toilet, a basic toilet lift, a shower toilet with a black seat and other care toilets. The congres is open until June 2 and is open daily between half past nine and half past four.

Toilet Op Maat TOM voor uw aangepaste toilet

Toilet Op Maat TOM

14 May 2018

Ruud Dirkse from DAZ, author of several books and the website anderszorgen.nl/watisdaz/index.html, is committed to a ban on the use of raised toilet bowls for people with dementia, in particular vascular dementia.

30 April 2018

Installation of a special TOM Closomat+. It is provided with foot, back and head rests, as wel as Ropox support arms.

19 March 2018

Toilet Op Maat at the Supportbeurs 2018

Attend the Support Beurs from 30 May until 2 June at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht

klik hier voor meer info

Request your free admission ticket here.

Vraag hier uw gratis toegangsbewijs voor de supportbeurs aan

13 March 2018

Toilet Op Maat on social media


LinkedIn Toilet Op Maat

LinkedIn Klaas Jan van Vuure

LinkedIn Marcel Oud

3 March 2018

Problems with controlling a shower toilet?

(klik hier voor het artikel)