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    TOM Uspa spoel/föhn
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    TOM Uspa geschikt voor ieder toilet
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    TOM Uspa hét bidet voor de WMO
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    Snel verhelpen van de storing aan uw Uspa


TOM Uspa 

TOM Uspa spoel/föhn doucheWC 3 verschillende zittingen


  • Shower/wash function (posterior wash and feminine wash)
  • Easy to install on almost every toilet bowl
  • Easy movable en reusable
  • Economical purchase
  • 3 seat types (standard, elongated, design)
  • Seat and lid with soft close
  • Blow dryer with 2 speeds
  • LED night light (only type 6635R)
  • Deodorizer
  • Different types of remote control available 
  • Suited voor WMO




We normally resolve all issues with your TOM Uspa shower toilet within two working days. A service and/or maintenance contract is one of the options. Call us on 085-1301959



TOM Uspa Hygea shower toilet